Fusibles & Interfacings


Stitch and Tear by Vilene

Stickvlies 314

Perfect for backing embroideries and appliqué projects. It will give some body to your work whilst stitching.

 Tear off after stitching

Pelmet Vilene

Firm sew-in interlining for pelmets and for any creative works. Perfect to use with Gail's Christmas Wreaths.


Fusible fleece interfacing

Soft, medium loft, iron-on volume fleece for topstitch work and quilting.

Great for bag making

Can be used with lightweight to medium weight fabrics.

Press on firmly step by step using a damp cloth for 15 seconds with a medium iron.

Stay-in Foundation Paper pack

This new product was specifically designed to stay in foundation piecing projects (no more bits of paper everywhere!!!). It is a super fine paper that can go through an inkjet printer or you can trace your design. OK to wash project afterwards.

The pack contains 100 sheets and can easily be shared!

Iron-on extra light Vilene

Very fine iron-on vilene for all embroidery and delicate works

This product is 90cm/35" wide and the price listed is per metre (you can choose your own quantity by using the decimal point)


New & Improved. Firm, yet flexible Timtex interfacing is perfect for shaping into purses, bowls, and other 3-dimensional crafts. Easy to cut, mark, sew and steam press.

Heat n Bond - Lite

Iron-on adhesive.

It is designed for raw edge appliqué. Comes with instructions. 

The price is for 1 metre.

Roxanne Mini Glue Baste-it

100% water soluble, pH neutral, dries clear and flexible. Instead of pinning, "Glue-Baste" your applique work, quilt pieces, binding and hems. Apply tiny glue droplets with the fine applicator tip. Glue becomes tacky immediately, dries in 3 to 5 minutes. Holds firmly until moistened or washed, even after ironing.

Says on the pack "Not for human consumption" - just in case you confuse it with chocolate...

Refills for Sewline Glue pen

Sewline Glue Pen