Childrens' panels, 9 patches and strips

Underwater Scene cot panel

  • Description

Measures approx 60x112cm.

Bundle of Love Panel - low stock - only 1 left

  • Description
This panel is approx 90x112cm

Count With Me Cot panel

  • Description
This bright and colourful panel is perfect for a cot. It measures 90x112cm. It can of course be made larger by adding borders.

Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Description
Panel measures approximately 60cm x 110cm.

Flannel pink - strip

  • Description

Measures approximately 20cm x 110cm.

Contains at least 20 squares, approximately 10cm square.


Quilt labels Designed by Kjersti Smith - low stock

  • Description
One strip containing 12 different labels.