Amy Roses
Amy Roses

New in - Fabric


M030 Gold

M029 Cream

M028 Dusk

M029 Lavender

M027 Dusk Acanthus

M026 Teal

M028 Autumn Lily

M027 Autumn Acanthus

48664-12 green

48663-13 green and white

48662-13 mini flowers and bees on green

48662-11 mini flowers and bees on white

48661-12 paisley

48660-13 large flowers on blue

48650-12 large flowers on blue

1487-12 fish on navy

1487-11 fish on cream

1486-12 large sail boats on navy

1486-11 large sail boats on cream

1485-22 navy stripe smudged

1483-23 grey

1481-23 birds on grey

1481-19 birds on cream

1480-23 sail boats on grey

1480-20 sail boats on navy

1480-19 sail boats on cream

4501-153 Amy Roses Grey

4501-161 pink roses

4501-167 roses grey

4501-173 roses blue

4501-174 roses stripe

4501-181 pink swirls

Olaf Panel

9872-66 Tropical green leaves

9872-22 Tropical pink leaves

9871-22 Tropical stripes

9869-33 Tropical umbrellas

9868-77 Tropical birds

Tropical Panel

51327-3 lemon stripes

51326-6 light pink

51326-4 dark pink

51325-6 pink clams

51325-5 spearmint clams

51324-X multi bubbles

51324-6 bubbles pink

51323-2 small pink flowers

51322-4 lemons on pink

51322-2 lemons on white

51321-2 pink flowers

8549 Blossom Pink Animals

8548 Blossom Spots

8547 Love Stripes

8549 Breeze Blue Animals

8548 Cloud Stripes

8547 Cloud Spots

854 Pink Blossom panel

854 Blue Teddy panel

Moda 2952 Cream Bud on Cream

Moda 2957 Cream Square on Cream

Moda 2956 Flower on Red

Moda 2957/11 White square on Red

Moda 2955R Swirl on Red

Moda 2954/11 Stripe on Red

Moda 2952 Bud on Red

Moda 2957 Red Square on Cream

Moda 2956W Flower on Cream

Moda 2955W Swirl on Cream

Moda 2952W Bud on Cream

Moda 2951 Bee on Cream

Moda 2950 Bird on Cream

1319M9 Juniper Aqua

1319M3 Juniper pink

1319M1 Juniper blue

13181 Juniper mushrooms on blue

13178 Juniper small flowers teal

13177 Juniper small Flowers pink

13176 Juniper small flowers lilac

1314M1 Juniper Large Flowers

16176 My Tea yellow

16155 My Tea Blue

16154 My Tea Pink

16141 Teacups on cream

16131 My Cup of Tea

Tilda 110 Blue Stripe

Tilda 110 Pink Stripe

Tilda 110 Grey Stripe

Tilda 110 Pink Stars

Tilda 110 Grey Stars

Tilda 110 M-dots teal

Tilda 110 D-dots Pink

Tilda 110 D-dots Grey

Tilda 110 D-dots Blue

Tilda 110 M-dots Night Blue

Tilda 110 Maroon Spot

Tilda 110 M-dots Yellow Spot

Tilda 110 M-dots Red

Tilda 110 M-dots teal

Tilda 110 M-dots Pink

Tilda 110 M-dots Blue

Tilda 110 Lilac Spot

Tilda 110 Light Grey Spot

Tilda 110 Green Spot

Tilda 110 Grey Spot

Tilda 110 Denim Blue Spot

Tilda 110 Ginger Spot

51451-3 sugarsack flowers on yellow

51450-2 sugarsack flowers on blue

51449-5 sugarsack flowers on green

51448-2 sugarsack hearts on blue

51447-1 sugarsack flowers on red

51445-2 sugarsack large flowers on blue

51445-1 sugarsack large flowers on red

51360-2 ellie dots on grey

51359-6 ellie mini elephants on grey

51358-3 ellie flowers on white

51358-2 ellie flowers on grey

51357-2 ellie elephants on grey

51357-1 ellie elephants on blue

Hickory Road by Moda PreCut - 5" squares - 42 squares

This pack includes fabrics from the hickory road moda range. You get 42 5" squares.

Porcelain by Moda PreCut - 5" squares - 42 squares

This pack includes fabrics from the porcelain moda range. You get 42 5" squares.

Sweet Tea by Moda PreCut - 5" squares - 42 squares

This pack includes fabrics from the sweet tea moda range. You get 42 5" squares.

Safari Life by Moda PreCut - 5" squares - 42 squares

This pack includes fabrics from the safari life moda range. You get 42 5" squares.

Safari Life - lions and elephants with aztec print

Safari Life - grey, black and beige crosses on white

Safari Life - animals and trees on black

Safari Life - dash lines on cream

Safari Life - white animals on turquoise/light blue

Moda Grunge Red - 376

Moda Grunge Purple - 239

Moda Grunge Red - 365

Moda Grunge Yellow - 281

Moda Grunge Light Yellow - 92

Moda Grunge Orange - 260

Moda Grunge Turquoise - 389

Moda Grunge Olive Green - 345

Moda Grunge Green - 232

Moda Grunge Light Green - 303

Moda Grunge Dark Purple - 382

Moda Grunge Light Purple - 283

Moda Grunge Light Purple - 292

Moda Grunge Pink - 328

Moda Grunge Pink - 327

Moda Grunge Pink - 326

2182/P Rhapsody Scroll purple

2182/N Rhapsody Scroll orange

2182/B9 Rhapsody Scroll navy

2182/B4 Rhapsody Scroll light blue

2182/L Rhapsody Scroll blue

2182/X Rhapsody Scroll black

2176/B Rhapsody Triangles blue

2180/B Rhapsody Trees blue

2179/B Rhapsody Squares blue

2181/B Rhapsody Mini Geo blue

2177/Q3 Rhapsody Dotty Reeds light blue

2178/B Rhapsody Flowers blue

2177/B8 Rhapsody Dotty Reeds Blue

2175/B Rhapsody Wavy blue

2176/T Rhapsody Triangles green

2180/T Rhapsody Trees green

2179/X Rhapsody Squares green

2181/X Rhapsody Mini Geo green

2177/Q3 Rhapsody Dotty Reeds cream

2178/T Rhapsody Flowers green

2177/X Rhapsody Dotty Reeds green

2156/B3 Light Sashiko