Hand sewing needles


Beetle Needle Threader

This beetle threader is a must have in your sewing basket! It comes with an integrated light. You get the choice of colours. Perfect Christmas stocking fillers for your sewing friends.

Betweens/Quilting Size 8/12 ass, from Piecemakers

Size 8/12 assorted. 20 needles per pack

Milliners needles Size 3/9 from Piecemakers

Size 3/9 assorted. 16 needles per pack

Betweens/Quilting Size 12 from Piecemakers

Size 12. 15 needles per pack

Self-threading hand needles, size 4-8

Five in the pack.

Dolls needles

Three in the pack

Chenille hand needles, size 18-22

Low stock
Five in the pack.

Betweens/Quilting Needles

Size 10 or 12, 15 needles in the pack

Quilting hand needles, size 8-9

16 in the pack.

Darners hand needles, size 24

10 in the pack.

Tapestry Needles size 24 from Piecemakers

Size 24, 6 needles in the pack

Black Gold Needles by Clover

Pierces smoothly through fabric.

Choose from three sizes.

Size 9 is 27 mm long, 0.53 mm diameter.

Size 10 is 25.4 mm long, 0.46 mm diameter.

Size 12 is 24.4 mm long, 0.53 mm diameter

6 needles in each of the packs. Black plated for enhanced rust resistance.

Hand Needles for Beading

Size 10 - 15, 6 needles in the pack

Curved Needles

2 needles in the pack.

Needle Grabbers

Great for quilting.

Lends a hand when your needle gets stuck!