Hand sewing needles


Retractable thread snips

I am always looking for scissors when sewing at my machine, so these brightly coloured thread snips are a great (and easy to locate!) tool to have nearby. The little hook can be used with a larnyard to keep around your neck (make sure you safely retract them in the case!).

Beetle Needle Threader

This beetle threader is a must have in your sewing basket! It comes with an integrated light. You get the choice of colours. Perfect Christmas stocking fillers for your sewing friends.

Betweens/Quilting Size 8/12 ass, from Piecemakers

Size 8/12 assorted. 20 needles per pack

Milliners needles Size 3/9 from Piecemakers

Size 3/9 assorted. 16 needles per pack

Betweens/Quilting Size 10 from Piecemakers

Size 10. 20 needles per pack

Betweens/Quilting Size 12 from Piecemakers

Size 12. 15 needles per pack

Embroidery Needles by Piecemakers

Size 5/10 assorted. 16 needles per pack

Needle in pebble with threader & magnifier

This handy case comes with one hand sewing needle, a needle threader on the back and circle magnifier in the lid. Colours vary. Price is for one.

Desk Needle Threader

Works with a variety of different size needles from fine to thick.

Self-threading hand needles, size 4-8

Five in the pack.

Dolls needles

Three in the pack

Chenille hand needles, size 18-22

Low stock
Five in the pack.

Betweens/Quilting Needles

Size 10 or 12, 15 needles in the pack

Quilting hand needles, size 8-9

16 in the pack.

Darners hand needles, size 24

10 in the pack.

Hand Appliqué Needles size 12 from Piecemakers

Sharps size 12, 20 needles per pack

Tapestry Needles size 24 from Piecemakers

Size 24, 6 needles in the pack

Double Needle Threader by Clover

For small needles, large needles, and for sewing machines.

Black Gold Needles by Clover

Pierces smoothly through fabric.

Choose from three sizes.

Size 9 is 27 mm long, 0.53 mm diameter.

Size 10 is 25.4 mm long, 0.46 mm diameter.

Size 12 is 24.4 mm long, 0.53 mm diameter

6 needles in each of the packs. Black plated for enhanced rust resistance.

Hand Needles for Beading

Size 10 - 15, 6 needles in the pack

Curved Needles

2 needles in the pack.

Needle Grabbers

Great for quilting.

Lends a hand when your needle gets stuck!