Hugo's Amazing Tape - thread holder

Bobbin Mates (10 mates in assorted colours)

Mini Rotary Cutter

Beetle Needle Threader

Bobbin Ring

Thread Magic tub- Thread conditioner

Embroidery hoop 8"/20cm

Presencia thread - Green

YLI Smoke thread

YLI Clear thread

Desk Needle Threader

Set of 7 Gutterman machine embroidery threads - available to order

Thread nets

Bobbins & Accessories Organiser


Sashiko Needles

By Olympus

Thread Heaven

Thread conditioner

Paraffin Wax

For waxing threads, yarns etc.

Use for quilting, sewing and craft work.

All- Purpose Sewers Aid

Makes machine sewing smoother, and hand sewing easier!