Green fabrics


Greatest Hits- Spray on light green

Greatest Hits- Notebook on green

Greatest Hits- Harlequin on green

multi coloured butterfly on green

Sage & Sea green with gold leaves and red stars HG1541/11

Sage & Sea green with Brown bows HG1538/11

Sage & Sea green with gold leaves HG1537/11

Sage & Sea green with green large flowers HG1536/11

Sage & Sea mint with brown twigs & birds HG1543/11

Fairy Frost by Michael Miller - Green with silver

Stof Christmas - Green background with small gold and green dots

Stof Christmas - Green background with clouds of gold snowflakes

Tone on tone green foliage

Christmas - green with gold spots

Christmas - green with gold metallic stars and twirls - very low stock

Batik - print 48 - green with leaves

Batik - print 48 - green with scallops

Batik - print 47 - green with foliage

Batik - print 46 - green with splodges

Batik - print 45 - green with flowers

Geometrix by L&I

Geometrix - 2 tone stylised tiles - green

Bijoux - Tiny white triangles and dots on green (8704/G)

Bijoux - Tone on tone green (8708/G)

Katie Jane Ditzy Green

Tone on tone leaves - medium green

Green gingham trellis

Extra wide (140cm) White outline of houses on green

Extra wide (140cm) Foliage on green

Extra wide (140cm) Small flowers on green

Basically Hugs - Green print 13

Linen Texture 1473 G1

Linen Texture 1473 G5

Linen Texture 1473 G6

Linen Texture 1473 G2

Linen Texture 1473 G10

Linen Texture 1473 G8

Linen Texture 1473 G4

Twist - Olive

Makower Spot - 830/G5

Makower Spot - 830/G65

Robot doggies on bright green

Christmas - Holly leaves and berries on white with bells, ice skates and other motifs - low stock

Coryn Range - dainty flowers on bluey green

Twist - Apple

Basically Hugs - Green print 1

Basically Hugs - Green print 12

Basically Hugs - Green print 10

Basically Hugs - Green print 5

Flurry - Aqua

Flurry - Lime - low stock