Purple & Mauve fabrics


Extra wide (140cm) Purple on purple foliage

Extra wide (140cm) Little flowers on plum background

Extra wide (140cm) Herbs and labels

Extra wide (140cm) Lavender in squares

Extra wide (140cm) Lavender and herbs in pots

Extra wide (140cm) Small flowers on mauve

Extra wide (140cm) Purple on purple flowers

Celtic Blessings - Trees and stags - heather - low stock

Celtic Blessings - Medallion heather - low stock

Grandma's Garden - Bird houses/birds/flowers on lavender

Grandma's Garden - Pink poppies/white daisies on lilac - low stock

Grandma's Garden - Red poppies/white daisies on mauve

Grandma's Garden - Bees and butterflies on pink/mauve buddleia

Makower Spot - 830/L

Makower Spot - 830/L66

Toy Chest 2 - print F ducks and bunnies on lilac

Princess Dreams range - Unicorns on lilac

Princess Dreams range - Small flowers on lilac

Linen Texture 1473 L7

Linen Texture 1473 L2

Linen Texture 1473 L6

Linen Texture 1473 L8

Linen Texture 1473 L5

Spanish Cotton - Small mauve hearts on natural cotton - 150cm wide

This fabric is extra wide. The fat quarters are 50x75cm.

Just Colour range - Grape


Just Colour range - Orchid

Twist - Violet - low stock

Twist - Indigo

A bit camera shy!! It is not black, it is a very deep indigo...

Twist - Cherry

Snow Village - Purple

Remix Range - Crocus

Haberdashery by Makower - Vintage sewing machines on pale purple - low stock

Bluebell Wood - Muted mauve silhouette of woodland flowers on ivory

Expressions Print 4 mauve

Expressions Print 3 mauve

Expressions Print 2 mauve

Expressions Print 1 Mauve

Sun Prints by Alison Glass - Small overall motifs in hot pink over bright purple

Sun Prints by Alison Glass - Small overall motifs in pink over lavender - low stock

Sun Prints by Alison Glass - White sketches on deep pink

SALE - Toy Chest Floral - print 15 - limited stock

SALE - Toy Chest Floral - print 5

Little lilac leaves on pale lilac

Tiny purple leaves on lilac

Lilac flower bunches on pale lilac

Small sprigs on purple

Small leaves & flowers on purple

Mauve sprigs on beige

Dutch Heritage - Two Tone in purple - low stock

Designed by Petra Pins

Faded purple spots on white

Large white spots on lilac

Flurry - Lavender

Timsbury Lane - Flowers on lilac