Pink fabrics


Grandma's Garden - Main print on neutral

Grandma's Garden - Bird houses/birds/flowers on pink

Grandma's Garden - Bees and butterflies on salmon buddleia

Welcome to the World Main print Animals on grey (pink gorillas)

Welcome to the World Grey elephants on pink

Welcome to the World Parachuting animals on pink - low stock

Welcome to the World Animal silhouettes and pink planet earth

Welcome to the World Pink stars on pink

Bumbleberry BB102 - pink

Basically Hugs (new stock) - Pink print C

Salisbury Spring - Pretty prints in medallions (egg shaped) on pink

Salisbury Spring - Silhouettes of hares, flowers, foliage on pink

Makower Spot - 830/P65

Makower Spot - 830/P2

out of stock

Makower Spot - 830/P1

Basically Hugs (new stock) - Pink print B

Basically Hugs (new stock) - Pink print A

Toy Chest 2 - print L - elephants on pink

Toy Chest 2 - print H ducks and bunnies on pink

Princess Dreams range - Main fabric with unicorn, princess, frogs and castle on pink

Princess Dreams range - Unicorns on pink

Princess Dreams range - Small flowers on pink

Bumbleberries BB84

Linen Texture 1473 P6

Linen Texture 1473 P3

Linen Texture 1473 P

Linen Texture 1473 P1

Twist - Creme

Twist - Sorbet

Dove House - Hearts and foliage on pink - limited stock

Dove House - Pink hearts on ivory

Makower Spot - 830/P68


Just Colour range - Lipstick

Large butterflies - allover print - Fuschia pink

Large butterflies - allover print - purple

Fruits on pink

Make Another Wish - Dandelions seeds on soft pink

Heart & Home Coordinate Allover flowers on dark pink

Heart & Home Coordinate Allover flowers on pale pink

Heart & Home Coordinate Stylised flowers beige on pink

Heart & Home Coordinate with wobbly grid pattern and random dots - pink on beige

Remix Range - Peach

Remix Range - Hot Pink

Remix Range - Pink

Tropicana - Hibiscus flowers (pink and lime) on natural background

Dream Catchers - Flowers and butterflies on pale pink

Dream Catchers - Feathers on pink

Dream Catchers on pale pink

White outline of hearts and swirls on hot pink

Bunny Garden Range - Coordinate with pretty flowers on pink

Bunny Garden Range - Bunny faces on pale pink

Sun Prints by Alison Glass - Small overall motifs in hot pink over bright purple

Sun Prints by Alison Glass - Small overall motifs in pink over lavender

Sun Prints by Alison Glass - White sketches on deep pink

Dream a Wish - Flowers on pink with white spots background

Into the Deep - Ovals and patterns on pink

Into the Deep - Lime seahorses on pink

Pink flower on aqua/blue "Rosemont" range

Spots on Bright Pink

Vacation - Coordinating dull pink

Lake House mauve flowers on pink

Lake House pink tone on tone

Lake House Pink/Mauve twirls

Twist - Rose

Toy Chest Floral - print 21

Toy Chest Floral - print 16

Toy Chest Floral - print 15

Toy Chest Floral - print 13

Toy Chest Floral - print 5


Just Colour range - Carnation


Just Colour range - Blush

White stylised flowers on pink background

Flurry - Blush

Flurry - Berry

Flurry - Grape

1930's Minis - Print 2 pink

Sugary Sweet - On pink - very limited stock - precut pieces only

Ivory sprigs on pink

Pink sprigs on ivory

Little flowers on soft pink

Mill Works - Print 6

Brigitte - Pink- limited stock

Sale - Extra wide 100% Cotton Corduroy - Solid baby pink

145 cm wide. Fine cord, very soft.

Extra wide fabric - Pink trellis design on pink

140cm wide.

Extra wide fabric - Butterflies on pink

140cm wide.

Raspberry Parlour - Print 6

Raspberry Parlour - Print 1

Flannel - White spots on bright pink

Basically Hugs - Pink print 6

With All My Heart - Print 6

Faded pink spots on white

Fine rose pink & white check

SALE - FLAWED Extra Wide - Pale pink spots on hot pink

Flaws throughout.
This fabric is approximately 55 inches or 138 cm wide.

Sevenberry - Print 31 Pink roses on pink

Dim Dots - White & pink dots on pink

Dim Dots - White & grey dots on peach

SALE - FLAWED Extra Wide - Chocolate brown spots on pale pink

Flaws throughout.
This fabric is approximately 55 inches or 138 cm wide.

Flurry - Candy

Storybook Playtime - Print 6 - pink

Pinstripe - Pink

Scattered stars on pink

Prairie - Squiggly white circles & flowers on bright peach

Quilters Linen - Rose

Quilters Linen - 104 Primrose

We have got 1 bolt left. This colour has been discontinued.


Temptations - Blossom in pink

Beautiful Garden Girl - Red, white & blue circles & dots on pink

Small white spots on pink