Requirements for Lesley's Beginner's Quilt

Beginners Quilt Class

Thank you for booking on this class – it really is for beginners – so no panicking – all will be explained. I will show you the tools and how to use them for cutting fabric. We will cut out your quilt and then sew together on the sewing machine.


Please bring to the class: (again, no panicking!! If you are baffled by the requirements, please bring them to the shop and all will be explained!!)


#1 (see diagram below for reference)-  For the large squares, you need 60cm

    For the binding, you need 40cm so 1 metre in total if you are using the same fabric (as I did)

#2- For the 1st small squares, you need 1 fat quarter or 35cm

#3- For the 2nd small squares, you need 1 fat quarter or 35cm

4- For the  inner border (the pale blue), you need 25 cm (or a long quarter)

5-For the outer border (the stripey fabric), you need 60 cm

6-For the Backing you need a piece at least- 125cm  x 125cm (50” x 50”) The shop stocks extra wide fabrics and also Tilda fabrics are wide enough

 OR   1.25 metres of a main fabric and 2 fat quarters to make a central panel

7-For the  wadding -  50” square of cotton OR  80/20 wadding



Sewing machine in good working order – WITH ALL LEADS, ATTACHMENTS AND MANUAL


Rotary cutting mat, ruler 6”x24” and cutter (with sharp blade)


Cotton thread to tone with your fabrics


Sewing kit – pins, scissors etc


Notebook and pen


Please make sure your sewing machine is working as we have no time in class for cleaning and sorting problems. A check on it would be good – remove all dust and fibres with the brush – and do some test stitching on a scrap of fabric.


We have SOME equipment at the shop/class if you would like to try before purchasing.


This is a whole day class – so please bring a lunch (we will need brain food) – or there are many shops down the street. Drinks will be provided – tea, coffee or water.


Come along to have fun – a warning -  patchwork can be addictive!

I look forward to seeing you on the day.




If you have any problems please contact the shop 0208 941 7075                Lesley Owens












Fabric numbers are in the squares

This is one of the quilt units


Please note our members of staff are no longer allowed to carry heavy bags or sewing machines upstairs to the classroom. We kindly ask you to take your own equipment upstairs, so please make sure that you only bring items that you can carry to our 1st floor room. If your sewing machine is too heavy for you to take upstairs, we strongly recommend hiring one of ours. The cost of this for the day is £4.00.We do thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation