Instructions to finish the bag

Sewing companion bag

Finishing off instructions


1.      Take the base and mark the ¼” at each corner.

2.      Take one side panel at a time and line up the bottom edge with one-side panel right sides together. Pin in place stitch with a ¼” seam between the ¼” markers at each corner.

3.      Add the other three sides in the same way.

4.      Taking one side at a time pin the two pieces right sides together. Pin the top of the pockets first to line them up. Stitch down the sides with a ¼” seam allowance.

5.      Do the same with the three remaining sides. Turn the bag right sides out.

6.      Place the outer bag into the inner bag right sides together. Pin the two together, side seams first.

7.      Carefully stitch around the top with a ¼” seam.

8.      Turn the bag through the gap in the side carefully.

9.      Ladder stitch the open closed.

10. Press the top allowing ½” of the lining to trim the top of the bag.

11. Top stitch around the top ½” in.

12.  Measure up 2” from top of pocket and draw a stitching line

13. Measure 3” from top of pocket and draw a second stitching line.

14. Stitch around the bag on both drawn lines, reverse over the side seam to strengthen. These form the casing for the drawstrings. Carefully snip the stitches in the side seams, on opposite sides of the bag, between the stitch lines of the casing.

15. Take the drawstring strip and press in half, press the edges to the centre and press.

16. Top stitch both drawstrings.

17. Thread the drawstring through the open and tie.