Requirements For Gail's Folded Star Cushion


I choose different fabrics for each star as I like a scrappy look you could use a smaller pallet of fabrics if you prefer. But you will need 4 different fabrics to make one star. If you’re unsure of fabric choices then we can make one star and then go to the shop and choose more fabrics to complete the project.


For each of the four stars in the cushion you will require.

1 10"square of calico or scrap fabric.

1 x fat⅛ for the centre

1 x fat⅛ for inner star

1 x fat⅛ for 2nd inner star and cushion piping

1 x fat¼ for the outside of the star and binding

1 x fat¼ of white fabric for cushion borders

Thread for piecing.

Rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler.


Pencil and sharpener.

Sewing machine and instruction book. A walking foot (for quilting through several layers) would be most useful, as well as an extension quilting table if you have one.

Glue stick or pen.

Basic sewing kit.


Look forward to meeting you on the day


To finish,

18” cushion pad

Fabric for back,


We will discuss completing the cushion in class and talk through the options for the back.


Please note our members of staff are no longer allowed to carry heavy bags or sewing machines upstairs to the classroom. We kindly ask you to take your own equipment upstairs, so please make sure that you only bring items that you can carry to our 1st floor room. If your sewing machine is too heavy for you to take upstairs, we strongly recommend hiring one of ours. The cost of this for the day is £4.00.We do thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation