Class requirements for the Kimono Cushion with Kate

Class requirements for Kimono Cushion class on May 30th at Our Lady of Lourdes on Hampton Court Way

Basic sewing kit is needed for all classes

This project needs at least 5 different fabrics to work well.

If making from new fabrics : 4 Fat Quarters and one HALF METRE in the fabric you are using for the backing behind the Kimono/back of the cushion.

If making from your stash: You can use more than 5 fabrics, you will need two pieces 15” square for the cushion front and back, a piece large enough to edge bind the final 14” square cushion. Always better to bring more fabrics than you think you will use, so you can select the best combination of fabrics.

15” square of wadding.

Cushion pad/stuffing.

Small button for the front of the kimono

Thread for piecing, top stitching/quilting- also embroidery thread and needle if you want to do some hand stitching


You will complete the kimono in the morning and the cushion front in the afternoon. You will be given full instructions at the end of the class on how to turn it into a cushion cover.Project involves: piecing fabric, stitching seams, folding and pressing ,layering fabrics and top stitching.

SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE; Kate will give you detailed worksheets and instructions- if you have never used a rotary cutter or quarter inch seams before, she will show you how.


Sewing Machine and all attachments and manual

• Basic sewing kit

• Dressmaker’s chalk/marking pen

• 8” min square measuring template

• Long ruler- anything over 15”

• cutting board and rotary cutter

• ‘flower head’ type long applique pins work best for this project

Kate’s KIMONO CUSHION: class description & requirements list