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Bottom Line pre-wound bobbins (5)

I love Bottom Line thread: I use it for piecing and for quilting (top and bottom) and I also use it for English paper-piecing. I love using the pre-wound bobbins as they are so easy to carry around when doing paper piecing. In this pack, we have put together 5 colours that should work in pretty much all situations for EPP: pale pink, pale blue, ivory, pale-medium grey and a pale-medium taupe.

Why buy this selection rather than the single spool: prewound bobbins are much smaller therefore less bulky to carry. It's also a cheaper way of getting 5 different colour threads.

Helpful tip: when doing EPP I like to use my thread double, it works for me and I am happy with the result. However, if you prefer to use it single and get really annoyed and fustrated because the needle comes undone all the time, just create a tiny knot right under the needle. The thread is so fine that it won't interfere with your sewing and will be the thread in place.

For those of you who might want to use those pre-wound bobbins in your machine, please note they are the M-style bobbins. You will need to check on the Superior website that they are compatible with your machine. For info, my Huskvarna needs the L-style.

Magic Mirror by Marti Mitchell

If you do a lot of fussy cutting for your English Paper Piecing then this is a must have tool!! It allows you to audition your fabrics before cutting, saving you time and money! It is amazing what wonderful patterns you will discover among your existing stash!! It comes with full instructions and hints and tips. Click on the little magnifying glass in the photo to see it in action!


English Paper Piecing

By Vicki Bellino