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Comment from Ann

Quilter's Trail

Just wanted to thank you for organising the fantastic day we had visiting Quilters Dream in Andover and Village Fabrics in Wallingford I really enjoyed it.  I appreciate it must have taken a lot of organising but well worth it for us.  Thank you to Sue and Collette, they were both excellent.  Food was good, coach driver was good - so was the size of the coach, the other ladies were all good company and the shops we visited the staff were very friendly.

Well done to you all and I hope you organise another for next year!

From Fiona

This is what Fiona wrote when voting on the Elmbridge Council website (we are still blushing!!)

It is a brilliant shop for crafters - the staff are very helpful and inspirational, the stock is good quality, they send out regular exciting, informative newsletters, the transport links are good, they provide training workshops and are so good I travel from Beckenham in Kent to visit them - so they are helping to bring people from much further afield than anywhere in Elmbridge BC. I always frequent the local eateries and the other shops in the area but it is 'Creative Quilting' which brings me along in the first instance.


I love shopping in Elmbridge because... there are so many lovely shops & places to eat to a high standard, many of which are independent, not chain. I feel safe there and even when the sun isn't shining it feels like it is!

From Savitri

Friendly staff and always willing to help.  They offer fantastic fabrics and notions, books and a host of other quilting items to suit all quilters.

It is more than just a quilt shop.  They offer training courses for all levels and you can learn, be inspired and motivated. If they don't sell it then we probably do not need it.

From Jan

Many many thanks for the metre of this fabric which you found for me as usual your customer service is to marvel at!!! it arrived this morning.

From Brenda

I would just like to add that I find your shop extremely well stocked and the choice of fabrics you offer is vast. Also, the ladies who work there are so very very helpful, and knowledgable, and to shop in Creative Quilting is a real pleasure.

From Ellie

I have come into Creative Quilting several times now and have loved it every time.


Your staff are always so friendly and helpful. I came in yesterday afternoon not long before you shut and yet again I received help choosing my fabric to go with the quilt that I'm making without hesitation. I'd previously received the same lady's help when choosing my border fabrics for the same quilt, sadly I never asked her name.


I could quite happily loose an hour or so browsing through all your fabrics!!


Thank you for running such a wonderful shop and to all your friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff.

From Jo

I wanted to tell you how much fun I had at the shop this morning! It was great to see you and Val, and Cathy was so kind, helpful, and very, very patient with me!! Please tell her how much I appreciated her help.

From Liz

Sometime things go wrong... so we do our best to fix them!!

I've just got home to find another pack of Wildflower squares on the doormat. Thank you very much. That's service above and beyond. And despite being quite unable to claim to be a resident, I'd already voted for you in the survey you recently circulated simply on the grounds that no stay with my friend in Cheam is complete without a visit to your shop. Thanks again


> Dear Liz,

> Many thanks for your email. A hole in our fabric is absolutely not "one of these things"!!! And yes, I do want to know and I also want to do something about it!! I am  sending you a replacement pack this week!!

> Many thanks for your kind words about our fabrics, I am glad you enjoy  receiving them.

> Thanks for letting me know.

> Very best wishes,

> Izzy




> I recently bought from you a nickel pack of your Wildflower range (which I  love) but I started to use it this weekend to find that one square has  a hole in it which obviously renders it unusable.  I know it's just  one of those things and I'm not actually asking you to do anything

about it but I thought you ought to know.

 I should add that I'm more than satisfied with your fabric club and I love getting each month's batch. I'll find something in my stash to allow me to make the most of this wet Bank holiday Sunday!

From Alex

Following a Hand Embroidery Class with Heather...

Saturday did what it was supposed to do, which was to get me started again on a very old project, so I aim now to just continue with what I know, boost the confidence, speed and dexterity and then see if I want to go to the next level.

It was a very enjoyable day with good company.