Poodle and Doodle - Main fabric on green

Poodle and Doodle - Poodles on ivory

Poodle and Doodle - Cats on white

Poodle and Doodle - Cats on grey

Poodle and Doodle - Cats on chairs on mauve background

Wild animals on sand background

Otters on black

Mice on burgundy

Mice on sand

Mice on neutral

Hedgehogs on purple

Foxes on brown

Deer on aqua

Deer on grey

The Water Meadow - Hares on dark grey

The Water Meadow - Hares on taupe

Dumbo The Elephant -Dumbo in medallions on blue

Dumbo The Elephant -Dumbo on white with blue stars

Dumbo The Elephant -Blue outline of Dumbo on white

multi coloured butterfly on green

Blue butterfly on blue

Happy Paws- Multi-coloured cats on black

Happy Paws- Multi-coloured dogs on black

Little Noah- Animals in porthole

Enchanted Garden- Trees, flowers and animals on cream

Enchanted Garden- Animals on cream

African Animals on Orange - SM24.2

Asian Animals on Green - SM25.2

African Animals on Dark Green - SM24.3

Asian Animals on Grey - SM25.3

South American Animals on Blue - SM26.1

South American Animals on Orange - SM26.3