Class Requirement for Easy Stack with Paula





6"Easy Stack blocks set in Stars and Diamonds:

 7 1/2" Easy Stack Bright Hopes blocks

In this class you will be learning how to make both types of Easy Stack blocks, as show in the two examples above.

FABRIC : For the EASY STACK blocks - 3 1/4 metres of A SINGLE LARGE PRINT FABRIC WITH MOTIFS 8" TO 24" APART MEASURED ALONG THE SELVAGE EDGE OF THE FABRIC . This is sufficient fabric to make the blocks needed for a large bed sized . Your friendly quilt shop staff will be able to show you examples of this type of fabric, which is usually described as suitable for "stack-and-whack" quilts. Note: If you find a print you truly love you may want to think about buying an additional 2. 5 metres of this fabric to use in a border to make the quilt bigger!

Alternative: buy only 5 repeats of a large print fabric (1 metre if your fabric has an 8 " pattern repeat, 1 1/2 metres if fabric has a 12" repeat, and 3 1/4 metres if you have a 24" repeat )and just come along just to learn how to make the blocks on the day !

For Stars and Diamonds setting : 2 metres each of 2 light fabrics (beige and cream in the photo) , and 1 metre each of two dark fabrics (navy and red in the photo).

For Bright Hopes setting: 2 metres of contrasting fabric (red in photo) for block centres and setting triangles.

OTHER: Sewing machine with a ΒΌ" foot for piecing, pins, scissors, thread, rotary cutting equipment

Additional fabric(s) will be needed to back and bind your quilt. All fabrics should be 100% dressweight cotton, 44"-45" ( 110cm) wide, and should be washed and ironed prior to class. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Examples of design repeats on fabrics: 12" repeat