Class Requirements for Kate's Christmas Hanging Class

Class requirements for Kate’s Christmas Hangings

These would not be in the kit, so everyone should bring them along.

Paper scissors,fabric scissors- small with long blades best for felt.

An embroidery needle with a large eye.

A fine needle for sewing beads.

A pen/pencil for tracing templates.

A few long pins.


The kits will have: (the kit costs £5.00 and is payable directly to Kate on the day and includes everything for BOTH hangings, you do not have to buy a kit if you do not want to, in which case, please make sure you bring everything listed below)

Materials For the Mistletoe heart:

Two colours felt

3" x 6" and 6" x 12"

Green felt for the mistletoe 6" x 3"

Two colours of embroidery thread. Perle or similar works best, thickness 10/12.

Neutral cotton sewing thread for stitching the seed beads in place.

Felt ball approx 1" across, a couple of round glass beads and a heavy drop bead to act as weights, extra seed beads for decorating the felt ball, fourteen white beads of varying sizes for the berries, fourteen silver/lime green seed beads. 6" of ribbon, no wider than a half inch, 3" x 3" of interlining.

Materials for Gingerbread Man:

Felt 8" x 24" 'gingerbread man' colour

Second colour felt 3" x 6" ( something christmassy...)

Embroidery thread in one colour. As above

Two  cut out festive shapes e.g snowflake/star approx 1" across.

1.5" felt star and a cut out snowflake to stitch onto each side of it.

Six small snowflake cut-outs approx half inch across for 'buttons' and six tiny glittery pompoms.

Two tiny buttons for 'eyes'

6" half inch ribbon

Half inch glittery pompom.

3" x 3" interlining.