Outline of Philippa Naylor's Class in March 2015









Outline and Class requirements for Philippa Naylor's Class in March 2015

A Marvellous Mix


Quilting & Finishing Techniques

Two Day Workshop Suitable For All Levels



Your quilt top is completed but what comes next? Spend two days with

Philippa exploring machine quilting and quilt finishing techniques to spark

your imagination and expand your skills.

Day one. Master free-motion machine quilting by exploring pattern, processes

and products. Philippa will share her technical knowledge, her designs

and her enthusiasm, and guide you through a range of stitched samples to

increase your creativity and your craftsmanship.

Day two. Discover how to finish your bed quilts and wall hangings with an

appealing range of techniques Philippa developed and which she uses

extensively in her award winning quilts. These including piping, facings with

perfect corners, a decorative wavy edge finish and yarn filled twisted rouleau


Piping cord, yarn and detailed colour photocopies. Cost £3.00.

A Marvellous Mix

What you need to bring with you:

1. Sewing machine and extension cord. Please be sure to bring your

accessory box, machine slide on table and knee bar if your machine has

one. Include your machine manual.

2. Three or four fat quarter sized quilt sandwiches with low loft wadding.

There’s no need to baste these sandwiches. Plain pale fabric is best.

3. Four different fat quarters. A chance to use up some old pieces from your


4. Threads for free-motion sewing. I like to use shiny 40 weight ‘embroidery’

polyester in the top of my sewing machine, and Superior Threads

‘Bottomline’ in my bobbin. Don’t buy lots of new threads - bring what you

know your machine likes.

5. General purpose sewing thread. Please include a polyester sewing thread

such as Gutterman’s.

6. Needles for machine & hand sewing. I use Microtex machine needles.

5. Rotary cutter and mat.

6. Ruler minimum 18” long.

7. Quilters square minimum size 6”, or quilters’ triangular ‘ruler’.

8. A 1” x 6” ruler. This is essential for the piping technique.

10. Scissors for fabric and thread cutting.

11. Quilt marking pen or pencil.

12. Quarter inch foot.

13. Piping or Zipper foot.

14. Quilter’s safety pins and straight pins.

15. A quarter of a metre of non-woven, non-fusible Vilene.

16. Notebook, a few sheets of paper and pens.

17. Portable ironing surface and iron if available (not everyone will need their

own iron and board).

Optional extras:

A straight stitch plate.

Cushion to sit on.

Piping cord.

Chunky knitting yarn.

The quilted sandwiches from the first day will be used for the edge finishing

samples on the second day.

Piping cord and detailed colour photocopies. Cost £3.00