Class requirements for Quilting with a Difference on November 28th

Please note that this class will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes on Hampton Court way (KT7 0LP). Vegetarian lunch and refreshments are included in the class fee.


Hand Quilting with a Difference

In this workshop you will be using stitches to create lines together with those which make marks to make a small sampler panel, suitable for a cushion or small wall hanging.

So you need to come with some ideas for the basic design structure:

 you could be inspired by horizontal, gently undulating lines (rock strata, sea- and landscapes)

 or vertical lines (cityscapes, trees)

 or lines forming specific shapes (spirals, paisley, overlapping geometric shapes)

 or just a random scribble or doodle

Keep it fairly simple – your lines will create divisions that you can then fill with individual stitches.

Top Fabric:

18 -24 inch piece of cotton fabric e.g. hand dyed fabric, plain or tone-on-tone.

Needs to be a smooth fabric through which a needle slides easily; plain weave rather than twill, but avoid using a Batik type as this can be difficult to hand quilt.


Cottons, polyester, cotton-polyester mixes, or wool: low or medium loft wadding that is flexible and will take a needle well. This needs to be slightly larger than the top fabric.


Cotton, sheeting, calico - must be similar weight to top fabric. It needs to be the same size as the wadding.


Embroidery or hand dyed threads for stitching and threads or fine ribbon suitable for couching in the same or a contrasting colour to the top fabric.

Sewing Kit:

Thimble – quilters’ type

 Needles – betweens, chenille or large eye needle to take chunkier threads

 Fabric marking pencils or pens – bring whatever you have

 Quilting hoop – optional

 Note book and pen

 Camera (optional)

Prepare  your quilt sandwich prior to the workshop using your preferred method. If you do not know how, please bring quilting safety pins and it can be done in class. If you want to use a hoop please ensure that your quilt sandwich is large enough to fit into your quilting hoop. InStitches 2015