Lesley Luscious Mini Cushions and Hearts

Lushious Mini Cushions and Hearts


The cushions and hearts are made from a constructed piece of fabric, decorated with stitch, threads, ribbon ,beads  etc

I suggest you choose a colour scheme – then collect up fabric pieces, threads and decorations.



Please bring to the class:-


-          Collection of pieces

Cushion – needs 4 strips approx. 2”x8” (5cm x 20cm)

              -6” square (15cm) piece for cushion back

              -small quantity of stuffing

              -8” square (20cm) thin iron on Vilene


Heart – small strips – some at least 5” (12 1/2cm) long

          -12” square (30cm) organdie, organza, lace, silk for backs

          - 5” (12 1/2cm) square of thin wadding for each heart



-          Machine threads for piecing and decorative stitching – variegated thread adds more interest.

-          Thicker thread – perlé, stranded cotton, gimp – for couching by machine or hand.



-ribbon to hang

-buttons, beads, sequins to decorate

-scented filling for the hearts – eg lavender



If you wish to learn this!!

-piece of card 6”square (15cm) – fairly stiff  (cereal packet)

-7 threads approx. 1 metre long – to tone with work – assorted



Sewing machine in good working order – with all leads, attachments and MANUAL.

Rotary cutting – mat, ruler and cutter

Sewing kit – scissors, pins, hand sewing needles

Pinking shears – if you have them

Sheet of greaseproof/tracing paper

Compass with pencil to fit

Notebook, pen and propelling pencil


Once you have made one – you can be creative and make others – so bring enough for several !!!

I will have a few spares of pieces etc but they may not go with your colour scheme.

Looking forward to seeing you at the class

Any queries – please contact the shop – 0208 941 7075 


PS: Please note our members of staff are no longer allowed to carry heavy bags or sewing machines upstairs to the classroom. We kindly ask you to take your own equipment upstairs, so please make sure that you only bring items that you can carry to our 1st floor room.If your sewing machine is too heavy for you to take upstairs, we strongly recommend hiring one of ours. The cost of this for the day is £4.00.We do thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


-Lesley Owens – 12/2015