Kathleen Laurel Sage Machine Embroirdered Floral Panel

Machine embroidered floral panels

By Kathleen Laurel Sage


Requirements List

Each student will need to bring


  • Sewing machine with its manual and a new needle installed. The sewing machine must be able to drop its feed dogs or have a plate to cover them allowing for free machine stitching.
  • Free Motion Machine Embroidery foot. This is normally a horse shoe shape or round with a hole in it. They can be clear plastic or metal and are sometimes referred to as a darning foot.
  • A varied selection of polyester Organza fabrics. They must be polyester and not silk, chiffon or metallic.
  • Machine needles in case you break a few while stitching 80s and 90s or top stitch
  • A selection of machine embroidery threads All types and makes can be used. Rayon, metallic or cottons preferably in darker shades of the organza fabrics you select.
  • Romeo dissolvable film  { I will have some for sale £4.00]
  • Soldering iron with small sharp fine tip. I will have a few for class use and some for sale
  • Face mask essential to stop fumes being breathed in
  • Glass or tile to use as a surface when we are soldering [if using glass please tape the corners and edges ]
  • Scissors small sharp embroidery for fine delicate cutting work
  •  large fabric and paper scissors
  • Sewing needles
  • White cotton to baste with
  • Masking tape
  • Fine tipped permanent black pilot pen [ Pilot is the brand name] Lumocolor by Staedtler also work
  • Cat litter tray or large bucket [ only needed  if access to water is difficult]
  • Bath towel
  • Note book and pen. Paper, pencil and ruler
  • Design source for reference

If you don’t want to collect everything together

On the day I will have my kits available to purchase at a workshop price of £9 if you choose to do one in class. Each kit contains Romeo dissolvable film, all organza fabrics, beads and design with full instructions and process diagram. All you have to bring is your stash of machine threads and the remaining items from the list above


PS: Please note our members of staff are no longer allowed to carry heavy bags or sewing machines upstairs to the classroom. We kindly ask you to take your own equipment upstairs, so please make sure that you only bring items that you can carry to our 1st floor room.If your sewing machine is too heavy for you to take upstairs, we strongly recommend hiring one of ours. The cost of this for the day is £4.00.We do thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.