Bird House Tissue Box cover with Gail

Bird house tissue box

Below are the requirements to make the complete bird house, sewing on buttons will be done at home, so don’t worry if you haven’t got any for class. The pelmet Vilene that I use is only 11.5” wide hence the 1and a half meters, if yours is double the width then you will need less. Choose fabric that suits your home since not everybody likes brights!!!!!


1 ½ meter Pelmet Vilene 11.5” wide

Fat ¼ or scraps of cotton wadding

Fat ¼ blue fabric for the house

Fat ¼ pink stripe fabric for the roof

Small scrap of coordinating fabric for chimney

Square blue felt or scraps

Square pink felt or scraps

Lilac pink felt or scraps

Square white felt or scraps

1 meter blue medium ric rac roof

½ meter dark pink medium ric rac chimney

½ meter cord or ric rac to decorate the base of the chimney

½ meter of white elastic qtr inch wide (optional)

12 tiny black buttons (musical notes)

6 blue beads (bird eyes)

Flower buttons to decorate garden fence.

Fabric glue

Glue stick or pen

Various colour embroidery thread bird legs, musical notes, blanket stitch etc.


Basic sewing kit

Sewing machine & manual, sharp needle!

Coordinating threads to sew

Sharp scissors

Pencil or marking pen

Hand sewing needle and pins.


Don’t forget your glasses if you need them I often do!!!

Look forward to meeting you on the day Gail