Fabric Gasket with Gail

Fabric casket.



1.      Quarter of a meter Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff interfacing (available from Creative Quilting).

2.      You will need around a 1/8th of fabric for the outside, 1/8th of something different for the inside, and another 1/8th for the feet and top. If you get 3 fat quarters then you could make two boxes (remember you will need more Stiff Stuff interfacing).

3.      Something to decorate the outside beads, sequin, button some shiny fabric or felt, anything you like…, ribbon or braid work well too, around a half meter. Bring whatever you have, you can always get extra.

4.      Glue pen or stick.

5.      To make the cord we will need four different x 5meter lengths, it can be wool, embroidery floss, cotton perle, different coordinating colours work well..


Basic sewing kit

Sewing machine & manual sharp needle!

Coordinating threads to sew and metallics or rayons to decorate, these can be chosen on the day

Sharp scissors

Pencil or marking pen

Hand sewing needle and pins.

Don’t forget your glasses if you need them I often do!!!

Look forward to meeting you on the day Gail