Paula's Free Motion Quilting May 2016

Class Requirements for Free Motion Machine Quilting Doodle Day:


FOUR Calico (American Muslin) QUILT SANDWICHES  measuring 10" x 12". These should be prepared ahead of class and should consist of  two pieces of calico 10" x 12" with a layer of low loft wadding in between. The layers should be basted together with 505 spray, micro tacks, or safety pins, and stitched together by machine around the outer edges with a straight stitch ( using your walking foot will help eliminate any puckering here!). If you prefer you may use a light coloured plain (no prints please, not even tone-on-tone) cotton quilting fabric  instead of Calico.

WATER-SOLUBLE PEN OR PENCIL for marking your fabric.

SEWING MACHINE         with drop-able feed dogs.


FREE MOTION QUILTING FOOT  for your sewing machine( please note: you may have to purchase these feet, as they do not come as standard feet for many machines. Please note that for some machines there is a separate free motion foot for embroidery, and a different free motion foot for QUILTING - this is  especially true for Pfaff machines, so please ask if you're not sure!  )


SEWING MACHINE MANUAL for your sewing machine


THREAD: 100% cotton 40 or 50 weight sewing machine thread in the same or slightly darker colour than fabric , plus any other machine quilting threads you may wish to try.


NEEDLES: size 80 Microtex ,or size 75 Quilting, or size 80 Universal  needles  for your machine.


GRIP GLOVES  or non-slip finger balm.


SEWING KIT: kit to include:

sharp pointed scissors, hand sewing needles, needle threader 

OPTIONAL:  Supreme Slider teflon pad for sewing machine.

OPTIONAL BOOK:  Doddle Quilting by Cheryl  Malkowski (C&T 2012).