Lucie's Big Stitch Quilting Requirements Autumn 2016

Supply list


Quilt sandwich the size of a fat quarter (i.e. 2 FQs layered with wadding in the middle). Plain fabric is best for this sampler. Please ensure you use a wadding that is suitable for hand quilting - You can either use Dream Green (recycled plastic bottles) or a polyester wadding, rather than cotton which can be hard to hand quilt. Baste the sandwich to hold it together but do not bind it.


A variety of threads:

Hand quilting thread e.g Gutermann

Stranded embroidery threads

Perle cotton (you can experiment with different weights. The thicker ones show up well but can be harder to sew because they are bulky)


Quilting needles - a large eye needle or a thicker embroidery needle for the Perle cotton and an ordinary quilting needle for the Gutermann thread. Needle length is a question of personal preference - Lucie uses a Size 11 - but some prefer a longer needle.


Thimble - choosing to use a thimble or not is a matter of personal preference but be aware that quilting needles can dig in. Creative Quilting stock a range of thimbles and it is worth trying out a selection.


Water erasable pen - please test as you will need to mark your fabric and will want to remove the marks when the piece is finished


Thread Heaven or beeswax to condition your thread (optional)


Quilting design templates or shapes to draw your quilting designs (Lucie will bring some templates along, you can also try biscuit cutters, circles or hexagon shapes. Curved designs are easiest as they are more forgiving of any uneven stitches).