Class Requirements for "Easy Stack" Effervescence Quilt

 Class Requirements for "Easy Stack" Effervescence Quilt:


*Please note: The only fabric you will absolutely need to bring to class is the Effervescence fabric in the colourway of your choice in one of quantities listed below, depending on the size of the project or the number of 6" x 6" blocks you wish to make. The Effervescence fabric range was designed by Amelia Caruso for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and has a 12" repeat of pattern along the selvedge edge of the fabric. If you wish you may substitute another large print fabric with a pattern repeat of 8" , 12", or 24" along the selvedge edge. If using a fabric with an  8" repeat of pattern you will need a minimum of .90 metre of fabric, which will yield 24 blocks. If using a fabric with an  24" repeat of pattern you will need a minimum of 2.5 metres of fabric, which will yield 72 blocks. The other fabrics listed below indicate the yardages of other fabrics needed to make up the quilt with a simple 1" wide post-and-corner sashing between the blocks.  



Crib sized quilt

Aprox 36" x 42"

(30 blocks set 5x6)

Single sized quilt

Aprox 60" x 80"

(72 blocks set 8x9)


Aprox 90" x 90"

( 104 blocks set 10x10)


Effervescence Fabric

for blocks*

1 ¼ metres

3 metres

7 metres

Sashing Post fabric

½ metre black or mostly black print

1 metre

1.5 metres

Sashing Corners

¼ metre

¼ metre

¼ metre

Backing fabric

1 ¼ metres

3 metres

7 metres

Binding fabric

.30 metre

.60 metre

..75 metre



Sewing machine with a  ¼” foot for piecing



Thread for machine - neutral colour

Large sharp hand needle

rotary cutter

rotary cutting ruler in inches (6" x 12 " ruler is ideal)

rotary cutting mat

iron and ironing mat