robin cover

Requirements for Gail Robin Tissue Box Autumn 2016

Robins nest Requirements list

The list below is taken from the pattern and as you will finish embellishing at home so don’t panic about getting all the buttons and beads we can discuss options in class. I will bring some spare bits and bobs with me.  You will need a piece of felt that measures 20” x 8” to cover the outside of the house, trust me this can be cut from an 18” square on the diagonal, but if you are buying your felt by the meter then make sure you get enough, don’t forget the roof too! I used acrylic felt as it’s cheaper you can use wool or wool mix if you like or even brown fabric will work. I will have some scraps of orange and red felt with me.


Most of the embellishments are available in the shop but I can help you find the rest so don’t worry.


1½ meter Pelmet Vilene 11.5” wide

Fat ¼ or scraps of cotton wadding

1 x 18”Square light brown felt for the house

1 x 12” Square light brown felt for the roof

2 x 12” Square white felt snow

Square dark brown felt or scraps robins

Square red felt or scraps robins breast & hat

Square orange felt or scraps robins beak

Square green felt or scraps holly

1 pack tiny snowflake buttons

6 tiny red heart buttons

6 gift shape buttons

2 tiny holly buttons robins hat

4 white pom poms

36 tiny red beads for holly

2 blue beads (bird eyes)

Fabric glue & Glue stick or pen

Embroidery thread bird legs & eyes

1 meter Red and white cord roof

1 meter Bakers twine side corners of house


Sewing machine & manual, sharp needle.

Coordinating threads to sew

Mat and rotary cutter

Pencil or pen.

Basic sewing kit.

Don’t forget your glasses if you need them I often do!!!

Look forward to meeting you on the day Gail