Bumbleberries by Lewis&Irene


Bumbleberries BB142 - Strong coral

Bumbleberries BB135 - Pinky lavender

Bumbleberries BB137 - Lavender

Bumbleberries BB134 - Blue

Bumbleberries BB136 - Blue

Bumbleberries BB143 - shades of grey

Bumbleberries BB141 - Olive green

This fabric is greener than it appears on the picture

Bumbleberries BB133 - lavender

Bumbleberries BB139 - Khaki yellow

Bumbleberries BB140 - denim blue

Bumbleberries BB145 - Turquoise/Teal/Lime

Bumbleberries BB144 - Pink/Yellow/Orange

Bumbleberries BB132 - sandy/cream

Bumbleberries BB146 - Pink/Coral/Lavender

Bumbleberries BB147 - Shades of grey

Bumbleberries BB130 - very pale mauve/pink

Bumbleberries BB131 - very pale blue/aqua

Bumbleberry - BB117

Bumbleberry - BB1119

Bumbleberry - BB120

This fabric is a lot greener in the flesh than on the picture

Bumbleberries BB93

Bumbleberries BB79

Bumbleberries BB88

Bumbleberries BB90