Sue Rhodes Thermofax printing Cushion requirements

Contemporary flower cushion with thermofax screen printing

The requirements are as follows:

For a cushion measuring 20” by 12”

Fat quarter to 1/2m sized plain fabric for printing, which should tone with your scraps


Scraps in one colourway – not plain but predominantly one colour – to explain a little – if you were to pile them up you would describe that as .a blue pile … for example. The scraps need to be about 2” by 10” minimum – you can use really small pieces but it will take longer! It’s very flexible, but I would say you need at least 8 different fabrics and about 5” by 20” of each


Fabric paint – I will have some with me in basic colours which you can use, but if you want a special colour, it’s best to bring some with you. Basic paints from Dylon are good; they are cheap and readily available. Silk paint is too thin; some metallic paint is too grainy and won’t go through the screen mesh, as is the case with acrylic paints. If you use my paints, I ask for a £1 contribution.


Fat quarter of light iron on Vilene

Embroidery threads to tone with your fabric – stranded are fine


Basic sewing kit to include cutting mat, ruler, cutter, scissors for paper, sewing thread in neutral colour, embroidery needles.


Sewing machine

Rubber gloves if you don’t like paint on your hands, pinny and old clothes


(Fat quarter for back of cushion, wadding and calico measuring 22” by 14”and machine quilting thread – you will not need this on the day, but it is needed to finish the project.)