Flo's Little Flowers by Lewis&Irene

A collection of delightful florals with a contemporary vibe...

Floral leaves in salmon and blue FLO7.2

Ditzy on red FLO5.3

Ditzy on blue FLO5.2

Ditzy on grey FLO5.1 - low stock

Blooms on navy FLO4.4

Blooms on grey FLO4.3

Daffodils on dark blueFLO3.4

Daffodils on blueFLO3.3

Daffodils on natural FLO3.2

Daffodils on white FLO3.1 - low stock

All around daisy on dark grey FLO2.4

Neutral tiny flower FLO1.5

Blue tiny flower FLO1.4

Yellow/Lime tiny flower FLO1.3

Peach tiny flower FLO1.2

Grey tiny flower FLO1.1 - low stock