Gail's Class requirements for Twisted Log Cabin

Twisted Log Cabin



·         ½meter of plain colour fabric for background I used a mottled black (batiks work well)

·         Selection of fabrics I used 6 hues of one colour (I used pink but it can be any colour). From lightest to darkest in strips, e.g. dark blue, medium blue, blue, medium light blue, light blue, lightest blue. You will only be using small amounts so, as a guide, around a half a fat qtr would be plenty of each colour.


·          Rotary cutter, mat and ruler. If you have a small ruler then bring that too, 12” x 1” or any size  smaller than the large 24x6”

·         Sewing machine. With a nice sharp needle.

·         Coordinating thread, the finer the better.(Bottom Line works well)

·          Mini-iron and mat if you have one. (Optional, more convenient, than big one save you getting up and down).

·         Basic sewing kit.

·         Glasses if you need some.


We will discuss finishing the piece in class; it will be completed at home.

You will need some wadding and backing to finish the piece but we will go through all of this in class, and you will have notes to take home.

Look forward to meeting you on the day Gail