Gail's requirements for Table Topper

Table topper 



You will need


7 fat qtr of fabric. Ranging from light to dark works best. Feel free to use other combinations.

Coordinating thread. I use Bottom Line in grey as it works well for most projects.

¼" foot for your sewing machine

Sewing machine and manual.

12 or 12½" square ruler, if you have one. Don’t panic if you don’t,  you can borrow mine if you don’t (there may be a queue though!)

Rotary cutter and mat.

Basic sewing kit

You will need additional fabric and wadding for back we can discuss options on the day as you will be finishing the project at home.

Don’t forget your glasses if you need them !



Pre Cutting.

This MUST be done before class to enable us to concentrate on making the top. Please do not turn up without your fabric cut there will  be no time to cut and make the top on the day.


Before cutting your fabric give it a spray with starch to help keep it flat and stable it will be easier to cut.


Take time with your cutting: you will need to be accurate!!


From each fat qtr cut ten 1½" strips across the width.


You will be cutting the strips across the widest part of the fabric from the selvage edge to the centre. 


Try to keep your strips together in neat piles and as flat as possible (you can ask the shop for 2 empty bolt ends and keep the strips flat inbetween). This will help when we come to sew in class, saving time at the ironing board.


Look forward to seeing you on the day Gail