Sue's Trip Around the World class reqs

Trip Around the World  -  Tuesday, 14th Feb


This technique can be used to make a quilt of any size.  So I've listed the yardages required for several different sizes.  You choose which size you want to make.


To get the blended progression of fabrics that make this pattern a joy, choose a variety of print sizes and work with 2 colour groups for the smaller quilts and 3 for the larger quilts.  To get the colours flowing use transition fabrics that have both colours in the print. For example, have a blue large print, then a blue small print, then a print with both blue and yellow, then a yellow small print, a yellow large print and finally another (different) print with both blue and yellow.  This final blue and yellow print will be next to the first blue print throughout the finished quilt.


Cot Quilt or Throw (39x51")

6 fabrics - 0.25m each  plus  extra for borders and binding.


Single Bed (48x90")

12 fabrics - 0.5m each  plus extra for borders and binding.


Double Bed (71x95")

12 fabrics - 0.75m each plus extra for borders and binding.


The extra you need for the borders will depend on how wide you want them.  A rough guide is


Narrow inner border approx. 1.5 - 2 inches

0.5m  for  cot and lap

0.75m for single bed

0.75m for single bed


Wider outer border approx. 4 - 6 inches


1.25m for cot and lap

1.75m for single bed

2m for double bed




0.5m is usually enough for binding (0.75m if making a double or larger).

Or you could use the leftovers of all your Trip Around the World fabrics and have a multi fabric binding.


Backing and Wadding  -  to fit the size of quilt you are making.