Class Requirements for Gail's Folded Log Cabin Class

Folded Log Cabin 

¼ metre of Calico

2 x ¼ metre of fabric light and dark, you can use any fabrics, plain or patterned cotton or batiks, it’s up to you. If in doubt bring lots, you can make each block in a different colour or use as many colours as you like to make each block.

Small scraps of fabric for centre enough to cut at least 3x 3”squares.

Coordinating thread.

In class we will make the 3 blocks, you can choose what to do with the blocks on the day and I can help you with fabric quantities to make cushions wall hanging or any other project you wish. 


Basic sewing Kit

Rotary cutter and ruler

Sewing machine & manual + sharp needle.  Walking foot if you have one, don’t worry if not.

Sharp scissors

Pencil or marking pen.

Smaller ruler if you have one could be a 6” square or a 1” x 12” or a 12” x6” just something smaller than a 24” x 6 it will make life easier!

Don’t forget your glasses if you need them I often do!!!


Look forward to meeting you on the day Gail