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Japanese Fabrics


Kimono - Chrysanthemums pale

Kimono - Maple Leaves black

Kimono - Maple Leaves cream

Kimono - Hexagons with cream surround

Kimono - Hexagons with black surround

Kimono - Blossom Tree on red

Kimono - Blossom Tree on purple

Kimono - Fans red

Kimono - Fans purple

Kimono - Koi on black

Kimono - Koi on cream

Kimono - Kanji black

Kimono - Kanji cream

Kimono - Cranes on black

Kimono - Cranes on red

Kimono - Lattice gold on ivory

Large Japanese flowers in red and grey on cream

Large Japanese flowers on teal background

Large Japanese flowers on ivory background

Fusion metallic purple - low stock

Fusion metallic green

Fusion metallic black

Fusion metallic red

Fusion metallic orange gold

Japanese print - Orange, green & ivory flowers on purple

Japanese print - Orange, green & ivory flowers on black

Japanese Garden - Blue butterflies

Japanese Garden - Coral butterflies

Japanese Garden - Japanese garden scene in beige and sand

Japanese Garden - Stylised flowers on dark blue

Japanese Garden - Maple leaves on blue - low stock

Japanese print - Flowers and paperscrolls on black

Japanese print - fans and flowers on black

Japanese print - Flowers on pink and red

Very large Japanese motifs (fans, leaves, balls) in aqua, pink and beige

The pink section is not showing

Very large Japanese motifs (fans, leaves, balls) in blue and green - low stock

Large Japanese flowers with silver leaves on aqua background - low stock

Cherry blossoms with metallic silver on ivory background - low stock