Gail - Get out of the Ditch class

Quilting with a walking foot 

You will need

Please bring to class 6 pre made quilt sandwiches.

Each sandwich should measure between 8"- 10" square made from:

1.      Backing fabric, calico will be fine, or fabric you may have fallen out of love with, not your best fabric these are just samples.

2.      Wadding can be cotton, poly or a combination, not the high loft poly wadding.

3.      Top fabric I prefer to make the samples with a dark top fabric then all chalk markings can be seen easily plain or lightly patterned works well. Don’t baste the sandwich together just bring them assembled as a sandwich. Keep them nice and flat not all scrunched up in the bottom of your bag!!!!

Please do not turn up without making the sandwiches, it will hold up the class.

4.      Basic sewing kit.

5.      Ruler. Rotary cutter.

6.      Marking pen or pencil Sewline fabric pencil works well as they have different colour chalk and can be used on light and dark fabric. Bring any marking tools you have chalk pens pencils powder pounce tape. It will be great to see the wide range available and talk about the uses and benefits of each one.

7.      Sewing machine and walking foot. Bring your manual. A new needle too. We will discuss needle options in class.

8.      Lots of thread now is a good time to try out some of your favourite thread, again we will discuss thread options in class, bottom line is a great bobbin thread.

9.      ½ meter of freezer paper. A sheet of grease proof paper or tracing paper.

10.  If you have 505 spray or quilting safety pins then bring them, if not don’t worry they are good to have but not essential.

11.  Pen and paper to make some notes.

12.  Don’t forget your glasses if you need them.


Feel free to bring some additional fabric and wadding with you, depending how we get on we may have time to make additional samples.


Look forward to a great day together Gail