Gail's Pyramid Advent Boxes (by Hand)

Christmas Advent pyramid boxes.


Below I will give you the requirements that are on the back of the pattern. This will tell you what you need to make all 24 little Advent boxes, the gift boxes and the large Christmas day box. You will receive a full pattern and all the templates to take home with you in the class.



On the day,  we will make a box or two and discuss all the options that are available to you, so with this in mind each student may want to make different sizes or different amounts, so as a starter for the class I suggest that you bring along items listed below. This project is all done by hand so we can have a nice relaxing day of sewing!!!


1 metre of pelmet Vilene

2 fat qtrs of fabric

1 metre narrow ribbon ⅛"

Glue stick or pen

Scraps of wadding left overs from your quilts is ideal

Any embellishments or beads that you have

Coordinating thread for sewing

Basic sewing kit

Glasses if you need them.


The possibilities are endless with this little project and once you’ve mastered one I’m sure you will be hooked to make lots. If in doubt bring lots of fabric and decide which to use on the day. The shop is full of lovely Christmas fabrics and buttons so I’m sure there will be plenty to tempt you.

Look forward to meeting you on the day, Gail


Requirements as per the back of the pattern (if you want to make all 24 boxes)


For the 24 Advent pyramids you will need

1 pack of wooden Advent number buttons

4 x Fat ¼ of Christmas themed fabric.

7½ metres of narrow ribbon. 3mm ⅛" in various colours

1 metre of Pelmet Vilene (11” wide) less if you find a wider one.

¼ metre of felt or cotton wadding. A great way to use up scraps or left over’s.

Christmas themed buttons to decorate or you can use, beads buttons charms sequins rhinestones etc to decorate.

Glue stick (Pritt or similar).

Coordinating thread for hand sewing.

Gift boxes this will make 4

Fat ¼ of Christmas themed fabric.

2 metres of narrow ribbon. 3mm ⅛" in various colours

½metre of Pelmet Vilene .

¼ metre of felt or cotton wadding.

Christmas themed buttons etc.

Christmas day box

Fat ¼ of Christmas themed fabric,½metre of Pelmet Vilene .

¼ metre of felt or cotton wadding. 1 metre ½"ribbon.

Buttons to decorate, addition fabric required for inner pocket.