Class List Spring 2018


Sewing machine and equipment

We kindly ask you to take your own equipment upstairs, so please make sure that you only bring items that you can carry to our 1st floor room.

If your sewing machine is too heavy for you to take upstairs, we strongly recommend hiring one of ours. The cost of this for the day is £4.00.

We do thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.



Skill Levels explained

Categories: A = anyone and includes patchwork virgins

                                    V =  someone with no patchwork experience

                        B = someone with some patchwork knowledge, including rotary cutting skills and ¼” seam allowance mastered

                        ADV B = someone with good patchwork skills


Reminder: - The class fee is due at the time of booking

Sewing Machines are available to hire


Patchwork/Needlework does require time and patience. It is unlikely you will always finish the project during the class and you will be given all the necessary instructions to complete it at home (Open Format and Follow on classes are also available).

We will assume that you have read and approved our T&C when booking you a class.

Terms and Conditions


If you would like to book a place on a class…

1)           Contact the shop (phone 0208 941 7075)

2)           We can not guarantee your space unless you pay for your place – bookings receive without payment will be put on waiting list and transferred to actual list once paid for.

3)           Should you wish to cancel and providing you give us a 7 day notice before the class, we will issue a CREDIT NOTE. It can be used against goods or class – no time limit on it.

However, if you do not give us a 7 day notice, we will NOT BE ABLE to offer a credit note as we would have confirmed the tutor and committed to pay her fee. We will be happy for you to find someone to take your place but we cannot take responsibility to find someone for you. We will of course consider any medical emergencies and serious family situations.

4)           Should WE cancel a class, a cash refund will be given

We will assume T&C have been read and agreed when you book on a class.


We have 6 Janome machines (DXL 603) for students to hire during classes.

The rental fee is only £4.00 per machine (for ½ or full day).

The machines are available on a first come, first serve basis.



Child/Adult Class – Easter Project with Collette

This class is designed to encourage and inspire children (10+) to learn the basic of sewing whilst making a fun project with the help and support of an accompanying adult. We welcome boys and girls alike! We will have tea and coffee for the adults and refreshments for the young ones as well. We ask for 1 adult per child.

Sunday 25th February, 12.30noon til 3.30pm, a kit is provided and is included in the class fee, all you need to bring is your sewing machine (you can hire one from us). £42.00 per child/adult pair.

“Mystery Cake” with Collette – Level A

This is a new way to create a range of different blocks from design sheets, you will make a block a session and have the opportunity to make a second one at home. The blocks can be made into a small quilt or a set of cushions. You will be able to choose your fabrics at the first class.

Friday 9th February

Friday 9th and 23rd March

Friday 13th and 27th April

5 sessions (1 hour each), £50.00, 2.00 til 3.00pm, sewing machine needed

To download the class requirements, please click here


Make and Take with Collette – Level A

Tissue Pouch (done by hand): a full kit will be supplied for you to make this lovely and super handy tissue pouch.

Friday 9th February – 3.30 til 4.30pm, £16.00 (includes kit and teaching fee)

Click here to download the list of items to bring with you on the day

Make and Take with Collette - Level A

Thangles Candle Mat (Spring/Easter theme): a full kit to make the top of the candle mat will the supplied. We will also supply sewing machine and thread.

Friday 9th March - 3.30 til 4.30pm, £20.00 (includes kit, hire of machine and teaching fee)

Click here to download the list of items to bring with you on the day

Get to Know your Sewing Machine with Collette

One to one session held downstairs in our demo area. This is the opportunity to understand fully your sewing machine and what all the feet and dials are for. Collette will guide you so that you can finally get the most out of your machine and stop being scared of it! Please let us know the make and model of your machine at the time of booking and if there is anything specific you would like to learn.

Friday March 23rd – 3.30 til 4.30pm. £40.00 one to one session

Friday April 13th – 3.30 til 4.30pm. £40.00 one to one session

Friday April 27th – 3.30 til 4.30pm. £40.00 one to one session

To download the list of items to bring for your session, please click here

Get out of the Ditch! Machine Quilting with the Walking Foot with Gail – Level A

Come and join Gail, and spend a day learning to get the most from our walking foot. You really can do more than quilt in the ditch, you know! You will have a relaxed day quilting, covering things like threads, feet and marking tools. Learn to be more adventurous with your quilting but still with the safety of a foot to help guide us along. You will make several samples and discuss how these can be then used in those unfinished quilts at home!!!! A great all round class for all quilting enthusiasts, of all levels.

Wednesday 24th January - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Click here to download the class requirements

Make-up zip pouch with Sue Th. – Level A

3 hours to make a super handy pouch that can hold a lot of make-up, pencils, or sewing supplies. Learn the fine art of inserting a zip!

Saturday 3rd February -10.30am til 1.30pm, £21.00

Click here to download the class requirements


Machine Appliqué with Gail – Level A

This is a great class for getting to know your machine, and how you and the machine can produce beautiful appliqué. We will not be making a project but covering all aspects of machine appliqué including needles threads stabilisers etc. In the class you will be making lots of samples to take home and use as a reference to help produce beautiful machine appliqué of your own.

Sewing machine required.


Please note re photo: This is an EXAMPLE of machine appliqué, not the class project.

Saturday 17th Feb - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Click here to download the class requirements


Fabric Covered Box (by hand) with Heather – Level A

Learn to make a lovely keepsake box in this one day class. The course covers drawing and measuring card, covering card in cotton fabric and simple box construction. Additional padding is used inside the box.
Finished box measures approx. 9cm x 9cm x 5cm.

Saturday 3rd March - 10.30 til 4.30pm, £42.00

Absolute Beginner Patchwork with Collette – Level A

This class is designed for patchwork beginners to learn the skills and techniques to make a quilt top. You will learn how to accurately prepare, measure and cut fabrics for your finished projects. You have 3 options available, please let us know which one you would like to work on.

Friday 16th March -10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Saturday 19th May -10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

If you want to make the quilt above (blue/white/red), please click here to download the class requirements

If you want to make the quilt above (blue/yellow/red/green) click here to download the class requirements.

If you want to make the above quilt, please click here for the class requirements


Hand Embroidery with Kate (Easter Theme but not compulsory!) – Level A

Inspired by the lovely Christmas wreaths she made as shop samples, Kate will be showing you how to use ribbons, felt, beads, and embellishments to create a lovely Spring/Easter hoop decoration. The picture is just a guide as to the style of the project. It will be more of a  Spring project (but you can do Christmas if you wish!)

Saturday 17th March - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Sunwood Strips Quilt (Table Topper) with Gail– Level A

Looking for a way to use up some of your lovely fabric, or just a great excuse to get more? Then look no further. No time for another quilt then how about having some fun with strips? Have a great day joining strips and then slicing them to make this fun table topper. It can of course be made into a lap quilt! Full instructions given on the day and notes to take home for backing and quilting. This is a great project you’ll never stop at just one, trust Gail!!!

Wednesday 21st March, 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Click here to download the class requirements

Slice and Dice Quilt with Gail – Level A

Come and enjoy making a quilt top in a day, with a stack and slash technique. A fun technique, that takes away all the agonising of fabric layout. Works well in a wide range of fabrics, large or small scale prints. Sewn on a machine. We will discuss borders in the class, making your quilt as large or small as you like. Basic sewing skills required and a ¼" foot for your machine.

Saturday 14th April - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00


Click here to download the class requirements


Hand Embroidery with Kate – Level A

If you miss the lovely Gnome class last term, this is your chance to catch-up as Kate is happy to repeat it. You can also bring it back if you want help finishing it.

If you want a project that takes you further with new stitches and a new design, then this is the class for you as well as Kate will have something new for you to work on.

Saturday 21st April - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00


Bargello Quilt with Sue Th – Level B (not for absolute beginner)

For those of you who made the Bargello tree skirt, or have made a 'straight' bargello, here's a chance to go one step beyond!  This is a 'twisted bargello' quilt.  With the help and ongoing support of Sue, you can achieve this magnificent quilt which will become an heirloom in your family.  It's really not a difficult as you might think, and it's all straight sewing.

Friday 11th May  - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £45.00 (limited to 5 students, 1 table per student)

These are EXAMPLES of Bargello quilts, not actual class samples

To download the class requirements, click here


Japanese fabric folded sewing bag and accessories with Gail. Level A


Spend a fun and relaxing day hand sewing. Learn a new technique of Japanese fabric folding or just build on your previous skills. We will start to make a practical little bag, with pin cushion thread holder and needle case. You will receive a full pattern to enable you to make the items again and finish what you’ve started at home, suitable for all skill levels.

Tuesday 15th May - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00


Modern Quilt Improv with Sue Th – Level B (not for absolute beginner)

Improvisation means make it up as you go along!  This is a very creative, modern technique.  You begin with a plan and your favourite fabrics and colours, and then start cutting and sewing with no pattern!  It's great fun.  You can make a small piece for a cushion or table runner, or a larger throw or bed quilt.  Come and join the fun.

Friday 18th May - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

These are EXAMPLES of Improv quilts, not actual class samples

Folded Log Cabin (new project) with Gail – Level A

Learn a new technique of folded log cabin, which can be used in many projects. The folds give the blocks a tactile feel, and a striking look. We can have fun choosing fabrics experimenting with placement of colour, and learning to make all  the three blocks featured. We aim in the class to make the 3 blocks, and then discuss how to use them in a project. Come and join us for a fun relaxed day of sewing once you made one block you’ll never stop!!! Suitable for all levels, stitched by machine.

Saturday 9th June - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Click here to download the class requirements

Open Format Patchwork with Sue Thornborough – Level A

Come along to sew with Sue. You can finish off projects already started or start a new one with Sue’s guidance- solve any problems you may have, and recap any techniques you need. Please state what you want to do when booking the class so Sue can be prepared.

Friday 2nd February

Friday 2nd March

Friday 6th April

Friday 4th May

Friday 1st June

£42.00 each session, 10.30am til 4.30pm

English Paper Piecing for Beginners/Improvers with Valerie – Level A

Whether you are familiar with EPP or an absolute beginner, this class is the perfect environment to carry on an existing project or start a new one under Valerie’s guidance. She can suggest design options and will give you lots of technical hints and tips.

Saturday 27th January - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Saturday 24th February - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Saturday 24th March - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00

Saturday 28th April  - 10.30am til 4.30pm, £42.00


To download the class requirements, click here

Collette’s Quilt Along

Open to all levels

Similar in format to Val’s Open Format (but with Collette!), these sessions will run for 3 hours. This is the perfect class for those of you who can’t commit to our 6 hour classes. Collette will be on hand to help you with your project, whether you started it with her or not. If you need a guiding hand to start something, please let us know!

Friday 10.30am til 1.30pm: January 19th, February 9th, March 9th and 23rd, April 13th and 27th. £21.00 per session

Wed Evenings with Val 6-9pm - Open to all levels

3 hours of sewing in the evening with no particular fixed agenda; simple home dec ideas such as quick quilts, aimed at those who would like to freshen up their skills. Also perfect for the mum who just needs to get away for some ‘own’ time. Each date is booked separately. You can book a series and we can then discuss your project later. For patchwork and quilting we have a shop full of inspiration, including pre-cut squares and strips, as well as simple beginner’s quilts. Again food for thought can be found in the picture page of the class list.

If your sewing machine is too heavy for you to take upstairs, we strongly recommend hiring one of ours. The cost of this for the day is £4.00.

£21.00 per session


Run from 6pm til 9pm

January 24th

February 28th

March 14th

April 18th  

Open Format Patchwork classes with Val – 10.30am til 4.30pm

These classes have no fixed agenda; you can come along and work on whatever project you like (play catch-up from another one or start something new). If you have never done patchwork before, this would be a great place to start (and check out the dates at Our Lady of Lourdes on Saturdays where we have more space); not only can we point you in the right direction (we have lots of beginners quilts on display), you also get to see lots of other ideas being worked on – inspiration for the next project! Sewing machines are available to rent for £4.00 per class; (they are Janome DXL603).

Wed 17th and 31st January

Wed 7th Feb

Sat 10th Feb

Wed 21st Feb

Wed 7th and 28th March

Wed 11th and 25th April

£42.00 per session, 10.30am til 4.30pm

Classes at Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes on Hampton Court Way, Surrey KT7 0LP

Open Patchwork dates with Val – level: anyone

No fixed agenda on these dates and we have a little more room (usually) than at the shop to work on slightly larger projects – layer up your quilt, do the quilting etc. Bring your own project along to work on or start something new with Val – some ideas are listed below. If you find something in a magazine that you would like to work on, please discuss with Val before the class.

Saturday, 10am til 4pm: January 20th, March 3rd, April 21st

£50.00 per session, the class fee includes vegetarian lunch and light refreshments during the day. Please advise us/remind us of any special dietary needs.

Free Motion Quilting with Paula Doyle – Level A

Too many quilt tops waiting in the “to be quilted” pile? Not sure where to begin? Come along to this class to get to grips with how to use your sewing machine to do beautiful free motion machine quilting ! In just one day you will learn all of the basics of FMQ while making a lovely calico cushion cover. Lots of tips, techniques, and tools  for stress free quilting are provided during the workshop.

You have the option of purchasing a kit for this class (£12.00). This will save you having to prepare and baste wadding and calico. Otherwise, please make sure you follow the class requirements prior to the class.

Saturday 24th February – 10am til 4pm, £50.00

Click here to download the class requirements

Philippa Naylor – 2 day workshop – Free Motion Quilting, Trapunto and Corded Techniques

 Friday 16th February (1.30pm access to the hall, 1.45pm start of class til 7.30pm) and Saturday 17th February (10am til 4pm), venue: Our Lady of Lourdes, , £155.00 for the two-day session (includes refreshments and afternoon tea on Friday and refreshments and lunch on Saturday) – Fully booked already.

Click here to download the class requirements