Philippa's Class Feb 2018




© Philippa Naylor,

New 2018 Free-motion Masterclass

Studies in free-motion machine quilting, trapunto, & corded trapunto.

Two-day class. Suitable for confident beginner to advanced students.

A practical workshop exploring, in detail, a wide range of exciting free-motion machine quilting styles and techniques, including some new content for 2018.

How to create a quilting design

How to make easy but interesting templates

How to embellish the fabric before adding trapunto (stuffed quilting)

How to do trapunto

How to do corded trapunto

Outline sewing, free-motion and regular straight stitch

Free-motion background fillers

Discussion of materials and equipment

Extensive demonstrations of all techniques and methods discussed

One large sample work will be made using all the techniques outlined above.

At the end of the two days Philippa hopes that the students will know everything that she knows about free-motion machine quilting and all that remains is for them to go home and practise (and maybe practise a bit more!).


© Philippa Naylor,

What you need to bring with you:

1. Three 100% cotton quilt sandwiches. One of these to be 25” (65cm) square and the other two to be smaller (fat quarter size is good). These should be made from plain fabrics so that the stitching shows up easily. Please do not use high loft wadding for these quilt sandwiches because it is difficult to use when doing free-motion work. We will be transferring some designs from printed paper to the fabric by placing a layer of fabric on top of the paper - so please check that your fabric is not so dense or dark that this is not possible. Thank you! No need to tack or pin.

2. An additional half metre piece of plain, pale 100% cotton fabric.

3. A selection of sewing machine threads. Bring what you normally use and some decorative threads in a variety of colours. No need to buy lots, bring what you have! Thread that contrasts with your fabric is useful because you can see what you are sewing and this makes the job much easier. I often use 40 weight shiny polyester thread in the top of my machine and Superior threads ‘Bottomline’ in my bobbin

4. A couple of additional pieces of wadding measuring about 16” square. These are for the trapunto sample. It doesn’t matter too much what type of wadding this is.

5. Large size sketch paper (A3 or 11” x 17” size, or bigger).

6. Quilt marking pens and pencils.

7. Quilter’s safety pins.

8. Scotch/Sellotape.

9. Scissors for paper and fabric. Small sharp scissors are a must for the trapunto.

10. Sharp pencils, notepad and an eraser.

11. Needles. Bring a selection of hand and machine needles.

12. Sewing machine in good working order. You must be able to drop the feed dogs on your machine. Please bring all the accessories you have, including the instruction manual, as you never know what you might be tempted to try! The slide on tray table is extremely useful for this class so be sure to include it (and all the necessary cables as well as the foot pedal).

13. Free-motion foot. This is an absolute must! The open-toe style is best for good visibility. Please practise fitting this foot if you are not familiar with it. Thank you.

14. Quarter inch foot. Zipper foot.

15. A bodkin or large blunt tapestry type needle.

(16. An extension cord) – Not needed for class at Creative Quilting

17. A ‘Sharpie’ or other dark marker pen which is not too thick.

18. A straight stitch/fine fabric plate if you have one.

19. A reel of water soluble thread.

20. A long quilters ruler and a large quilters square 12” or bigger).

21. An embroidery hoop 7” (18cm) or bigger.

22. Optional extras: Compass and ‘Bendy’ ruler for drawing curves. Chunky knitting yarn. A cushion to sit on. Teflon free-motion slider mat (‘Supreme Slider’ or similar), cheesecloth type fabric.

Please do not feel you need to spend a lot of money on supplies. Bring from what you already have and use up fabrics that you no longer love!

gauze fabric and trapunto yarn £3.00.