Landscape - Wood effect

Landscape - Sea glass

Landscape - Foot steps in sand

Although very similar to the Makower fabric, this is from a different manufacturer

Landscape - Small pebbles

Beachcombers - Village scene

Beachcombers - Beach huts on cream

Beachcombers - Lighthouses and sailboats on dark blue

Beachcombers - Nautical icons on pale blue

Beachcombers - Seahorses on cream

Beachcombers - Coral on medium blue

Beachcombers - Coordinating stripe

Beachcombers - Seashells on pale aqua

Beachcombers - Seagulls on blue

Beachcombers - Sail boats on cream

Beachcombers - Sail boats on aqua

Birdsong Raindrops

Birdsong Stylised Trees

Birdsong Stylised flock of birds on denim colour

Birdsong Leaves and Birds

Birdsong Stylised triangles on blue/grey

Birdsong Border Fabric

The pattern is repeated along both edges of the fabric.

Birdsong Stylised flock of birds on dark blue colour

Marina - Boats on dark blue

Marina - Boats on pale blue- low stock

Marina - Allover harbour scene

Marina - Beach huts

Marina - nautical motifs on pale blue - low stock

Marina - yachts and anchors on red

Marina - yachts and anchors on blue

Marina - Clouds - low stock