Quilter's Quartely Surprise Box

November 2016: we are launching a new, fun idea at the end of November! It's called The Quilter's Quarterly Surprise! The concept is super simple: once a quarter (end of November, February, May and August) you receive a mystery box... it will contain super useful tools and gadgets, and lovely goodies. We may include some fabrics, however they won't be the main feature of the box. All items will come in their original packaging so you can always re-gift them if you want. The overall value of the items will always be higher than that of the box. The cost per box is £26.95 included postage to the UK (for overseas, please consult us directly) and will be charged 10 days prior to sending it. If you wish to subscribe for a full year (4 boxes) we are offering a launch price of £100.00 (You might want to drop hints to your family at this point and tell them to get that for you for Christmas!!). Membership is going to be limited as we need to plan the content well in advance, so please let us know if you interested (do email me at isabelle@creativequilting.co.uk) and we will get you on the QQS!

Click here to download the subs form