Our July 2021 promotion is…


With Hampton Court Palace on our doorstep, and the RHS Garden Festival returning this month, we too are in festival spirit! As ever, the shop window is being decorated as we take part in the Bridge Road annual "Best Dressed Window Competition", which is judged by the RHS. Will we get a medal? We will have to wait and see!

Talking of medals, for this months promotion we have hidden four medals - Gold, Silver-Gilt, Silver and Bronze - on our website.  Each gives a discount on a selection of fabrics, with discounts ranging from 5% up to 20%. 

So whilst we wait to hear on how our window has been judged this year, why don't you have a browse through our website and see if you can spot a medal or two? We hope you enjoy having a bit of fun browsing our website.

The small print... (well not that small, no need to go and find your glasses if you thought you might need them!)...All the fabrics included here on our Monthly Promotion page are included; if the discount code you have found doesn't work for a fabric, it probably means it is covered by a different medal, and there may be a bigger discount code for that fabric hiding ... keep looking and see if you can find it!  We have done our best and hope we have explained this Promotion - this is the first time we've run a Treasure Hunt type promotion - we'd love to hear what you think of it!)