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Do you enjoy pre-cuts? Then join our PreCut club! Members of our exclusive PreCutClub will receive a Nickle Pack and a Strip Roll every other month. These precuts are exclusive to Creative Quilting as they are cut in house from our own fabrics. Always chosen to coordinate, they will be an instant “pick up and sew” project for you.

A Nickle Pack consists of 20 x 5” squares, 10 different fabrics, 2 squares of each. A Strip Roll is 42” long by 2.5” wide (with straight edges), 10 strips.

Membership is £13.95 (including postage to any UK address) per mailing. Membership for Europe is £16.75 per mailing. You are free to stop at any time. (but we will be sad to see you go…).

I want to pre-pay for 1 year (6 mailings) and save 5%, so charge me for £79.50 for UK (£95.45 for Europe). No part refund/cancellation available.














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