Requirements for Anja Townrow class on Saturday, 17th October

To get maximum enjoyment from this workshop, please try to source the recommended materials

If you have any queries or concerns, please email Anja:


  • Bring your favourite Number 1 machine, ideally with a nice range of stitches, although just 6 decorative stitches can be enough to give a good result.
  • With walking foot, free-hand foot, satin stitch foot, if you have them. Extra bobbin case if available
  • Bring your extended bed or large sewing table if possible.



  • Anything you have in your machine to start with…Thereafter
  • Schmetz Top stitch needle 14 (essential !) Metallica or Titanium top stitch at a push if you already have them



  • Regular thread (40 or 50 weight) to match your fabric and a variety of decorative threads, metallics etc, of varying thickness.
  • Bring what you have, you can try new ones in the workshop!
  • Thread for the bobbin: YLI Soft touch beige/grey recommended, or other 60 weight bobbin threads
  • Janome or Brother 60 bobbin thread is good if you have it already.

The following are just suggestions:

  • My favourite gold threads (for background quilting):
    • Brother Embroidery Gold
    • Superior variegated
    • Robinson Anton
  • see pictures for other colourful thread suggestions 
  • Bright and dark is best on light fabrics, or pastel and bright threads on dark fabrics



  • Some designs might benefit from decorative ribbons, braid, buttons, beads.
  • If you think you might want to use these, bring what you have.



  • One to measure at least 20 inches square to make the project(whichever one you choose), others smaller, to test your stitches, made up with plain(ish) quilters fabrics (dark or light), see below and cotton wadding: PLEASE USE COTTON WADDING
  • Please do not ‘pre-tack’ the layers, just leave layered together, the cotton wadding should make the fabrics adhere at this stage



  • Curved safety are optimum for large quilts, but: 
  • Daisy pins are useful for this smaller project



  • Please don’t think that backing is ‘just backing’; use quilters’ cotton
  • Dark fabric will make light and bright threads show up to best effect
  • Light fabric will show darker threads, so look at what you’ve got
  • Highly patterned fabrics are not suitable, but a vague print or batik or hand-dyed will be good
  • For binding, anything that links all your colours would be nice: 0.5m (you probably won’t get to this stage)



  • 0.5m. Make sure it is the see-through stuff 
  • Some supermarkets now produce brown greaseproof paper, which is no good for our purpose 
  • Don’t buy blind, open the box (discretely) and check before you buy 
  • I will have some with me.





  • including scissors, pencil etc. cutting board etc.