Requirements for Pieced Landscape Wallhanging with Sue Thornborough

  • An A3 sheet of drawing paper. Your tutor will have an A3 pad and you can purchase a sheet (or 2) during class.
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Sky fabric – a fat quarter
  • Ground fabrics – at least 7 pieces of varying pattern and ‘colour saturation’ that are 20” wide (the width of a FQ) by 4” or bigger. You will need some bright, medium sized prints for the foreground and some grey toned, small prints for the distance and some in-between.
  • Tree fabrics – one or two dark fabric scraps for the tree trunks and 3 pieces for the tree tops.
  • Border 1. A long quarter in a bright fabric that highlights one of your landscape fabrics.
  • Border 2. Half metre.
  • Backing. 75cms
  • Binding. A long quarter or you may have enough of the border 2 fabric if you want to use that.
  • Piece of wadding 60cms by 75cms.
  • Neutral thread for piecing.
  • Thread for quilting


Click here for a printable version of the class requirements