Bag-E-Bottoms: Size B

Lazy Girl Designs
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Lazy Girl Designs: Bag-E-Bottoms SIZE B

Tired of the bag sag? Bag-E-Bottoms are like under-wires for your bag! These lightweight acrylic Bottoms are perfect to stabilize your fabric, yarn or another soft textile bag giving a little hidden support. We invest a lot of time, love, energy, and money into our beautiful bag creations. They deserve to look their best and a good bag stabilizer is worth investing in.
SIZE B: Acrylic size is 3 3/8" by 8 1/2"
For bags with a bottom from 3 3/4" by 8 3/4" to 4 3/4" by 9 3/4" (in metric 95mm by 220mm to 120mm by 250mm). 
This fits the Lazy Girl Designs Towne Purse (LGD107) and the Veronica Pocketbook (LGD119).

(Note: This size has been discontinued by Lazy Girl Designs, so once they've gone, they've gone!)