Vanish-Extra Water Soluble Thread

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Vanish-Extra Water Soluble Thread

Water soluble thread. Perfect for basting and appliqué. Not recommended for swimsuits.

Vanish water-soluble thread is created from a special blend of ingredients that allows the thread to be sewn or quilted and when immersed in water, dissolve. Vanish is available in two versions:

  • Vanish-Lite is for sewing on home sewing machines
  • Vanish-Extra is for quilting on longarm machines.

Vanish-Extra is recommended for longarm and other high speed machines as a top thread. It can also be used as a bobbin thread.

We recommend that you immerse your quilt/project to allow Vanish to thoroughly dissolve. Warm water will speed up the time for Vanish to dissolve.

200yd spool

Vanish Extra is the thicker thread out of Vanish Lite and Vanish Extra.  If you are practising your free motion quilting using pre-printed practise panels - like the Skillbuilder Panels - why not try using Vanish thread as a substitute for quilting thread? You can then wash your work, washing away your quilting, and use your panel more than once!

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