Tumbling Blocks with Sue Thornborough

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  • Friday, 13th May 10:30 to 16:30

Tumbling Blocks with Sue Thornborough

Level A
Location: Creative Quilting, 32 Bridge Road, Hampton Court Village, Surrey, KT8 9HA. 
Cost: £45.00
Lunch: please bring your own. 

Is it an Inie or an Outie? - Tumbling Blocks is an intriguing pattern in its simplest form but add an extra ‘baby block’ in the centre and it can be fascinating. Do the blocks sink in or poke out?

This project is strip pieced and can be made with a jelly roll or a selection of fat quarters. In class Sue will show you how easy it is to achieve this stunning pattern and assist you in beginning your project. If you need further help finishing it, you can book on one of Sue’s ‘open format’ classes.

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