Insulating Wadding: 22.5" wide

Sew Simple
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Super-Soft Insulating Wadding: sold off the bolt, by the metre, from 1m*. 

Dimensions: width of wadding is approximately 55cm (22.5" in imperial measurements)

A needle-punched insulated wadding ideal for home sewing and crafts. Sew Simple insulating wadding is foil lined making it ideal for a range of projects including thermal curtains, table runners, oven gloves, cool bags and more

*We kindly ask that a minimum cut of 1m is ordered, due to postage costs. Please round decimal lengths above 1m to the nearest 0.1m (10cm). Any orders placed to greater accuracy than 0.1m (10cm) may be rounded down to the nearest 0.1m at our discretion.

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