Pre-cuts; Nickle Packs (5" sqs) & Layer Cakes (10" sqs)

Pre-cuts are perfect for Beginners or quilters in a hurry - just pick up and sew!

And because we cut our own, the colour ways are completely unique to Creative Quilting! We cut them with a straight (rather than pinked blade) so no "funny" edges.

What would you like? Email us and let us know if there are any favourite colours, ranges or prints you might like combined in a nickle pack and strip roll. We'd love to hear your ideas!



Strip Roll - Red


Nickle Pack - Purple


Nickle Pack - Red


Strip Roll - Blue

march2017_precut (8)

Nickle Pack - Cats Galore

march2017_precut (4)

Strip Roll - "Eleanor" Selection

march2017_precut (7)

Nickle Pack - "Eleanor" selection

march2017_precut (5)

Nickle Pack - Hot Batiks

feb2017templates (3)

Lil' Twister Template (for 5" squares)

feb2017templates (2)

Twister Template (for 10" squares)

feb2017_precut (12)

Strip Roll - Pink and Purple Strip Roll

feb2017makowerprecut (2)

Linen Texture Range Makower 2.5" strips complete range

feb2017makowerprecut (2)

Linen Texture Range Makower 5" squares complete range

feb2017makowerprecut (3)

Spot Range Makower 5" squares complete range

march2016_6 (27)

Cotton Pre-Cut "Mellow Dreams"

march2016_6 (1)

Cotton Pre-Cut "CharmSew-Pink"


Blue & Peach Nickle Pack